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Shawna, Old Post Office | March 1, 2020

Read a Chiller-of-a-Thriller before the last of the snow melts. 

Jo Nesbo is a Scandinavian crime writer with international best-selling novels.  In The Snowman Nesbo’s FBI trained local Detective Harry Hole is chasing a serial killer through the streets and mountain side of Oslo, Norway.  The killer leaves a grisly marker near the crime scene by building a snowman topped with the head of his victim.  This novel in the Harry Hole's series has been made into a feature length movie that is now available on DVD here at Idea Exchange. 

I recently downloaded Nesbo’s stand alone novel Blood on Snow and found its eclectic cast of characters intriguing and the storyline gripping right to the end.  The story is told from the point of view of the hitman as he negotiates his way through the snow-covered streets of Oslo between two drug lords and their complicated family relations.

If your favourite thriller author has you wait-listed try one of our Young Adult (YA) Thrillers.  From cyber twists to wilderness survival there is a wide range YA Thrillers in our download library.  The protagonist may be young but the thrills are just as chilling! 

Ally Carter’s YA novel Not If I Save You First is both thrilling and chilling.  The President’s son gets sent to Alaska but is kidnapped by a Russian radical.  Now the daughter of his former head of security is the only one available to track him down as the first snowstorm of the season arrives!

If you enjoy this or other YA novels come out to the YA Is Not Just for Teens Book Club.  Our March theme happens to be Thrillers.