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Laura, Queen's Square | November 1, 2017

Games, guitars, tools, sports equipment. Did you know you can check out these items and so much more from our collection?

Our online catalogue is the place to find all the wild and wonderful things that you can bring home.

And now there’s a faster and more accurate way to find what you need in our Encore catalogue. How? By using the new formats we've added to our collection.

How to use formats to find what you need  :

1. Enter your keyword(s) in the library catalogue and press <Enter>.

Encore search box

2. All items containing your keywords will appear. Each of the formats for these items will also appear in the left column under "Format". The format with the most results appears at the top of this list. To see all the format results for your search, click "More".

3. To show only the results for one format, simply click on that format type. In the example below, Children's French Book is selected.

Limit by format in Encore

You can view the complete list of formats in the catalogue’s Advanced Search (under the "Format" drop-down menu, of course). Enter an asterisk (*) in the keyword box to see all items in the format

Still can’t find what you need? Ask us online.