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Flying Under the Radar: Great Books You Don't Want to Miss


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  • Flying under the Radar: Great Books You Don't Want to Miss

Phil, Queen's Square | July 1, 2019

Everyone knows the books with huge marketing budgets or the star-powered authors like James Patterson, Gillian Flynn, or David Baldacci. But there are books flying under the radar; books with great reviews that you may not know. Here’s a selection of books you should check out.

If you like Karin Slaughter, Tara French or Lisa Gardner pickup One Small Sacrifice by Hilary Davidson.  Det. Sheryn Sterling’s life unravels while searching for the killer of her friend Cori. The plot is fast paced, with fully conceived characters and intricate plot lines.

Norman Lock’s Feast Day of the Cannibals is a historical novel that features Herman Melville (Moby-Dick author) in his paying daytime job. Set in Manhattan in 1882, Lock is a master writer who intertwines historical figures (Ulysses S. Grant, Samuel Clemens, etc) with great stories of average people living their lives.

Paris, 7A.M. by Liza Wieland is a tribute to American poet Elizabeth Bishop, tracing her life from her coming of age before WWII and beyond. If you like the writings of Rachel Cusk or Elizabeth Stroud, you’ll enjoy her poetic and deeply humane approach to characters and life. 

If non-fiction is more your thing, here are a couple of titles to dive into. David McCullough’s The Pioneers tells the story of the pioneers who settled into the state of Ohio. McCullough is known for his excellent research as well as his storytelling abilities, making this a can’t miss read.

The Map of Knowledge by Violet Moller shines a light on Arabic contributions to the important developments and contributions to science and learning that was mostly lost during the “Dark Ages”. Fascinating and accessible history that will appeal to fans of history, science, and the classics.

Finally, Jon Gertner’s The Ice at the End of the World explores the adventurers who originally explored the polar region, the climate data that spans the past 10,000 years, and the spiraling ice melt we are currently experiencing. 

All very readable excellent books you may not have been aware of. Go get your favourite bookmark!