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Game of Thrones: The Final Season


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Cassidy, Queen's Square | April 1, 2019

Game of ThronesWarning: Game of Thrones spoilers ahead!

‘Long and bleak, with no clear end in sight’ is a phrase that can used to describe the winters in Westeros, but it’s also one that could be used to refer to something else almost as bad: the Game of Thrones hiatus of the last twenty months. Though the expanse of time before season eight was dark and full of terrors, we’re weeks away from the beginning of the end. And to help bridge the gap, here are ten ways to help fill the time until we return to Westeros once again:
  • Spend some time at the gym. Train to outrun White Walkers by trying some one-handed Jaime Lannister push-ups, racing up the side of a climbing Wall, or jumping onto the rowing machine and going at it for several years like Gendry. 
  • Take up a new activity. Learn to fence like Arya, embroider like Sansa, or be a self-centered, manipulative creep like Littlefinger*! (*By the Olds Gods and the New, please do not do this.)
  • Refer to yourself exclusively in third person until the next season begins. Always stuck cleaning up after people? “A girl does her dishes after she uses them and you should too.” Have some errands to run? “A man will pick up milk on the way back from work. Does he need to get anything else?” Your family, friends and roommates will love it and not find it weird or annoying at all.
  • Study something new. Become a Maester, blacksmith or Photoshop pro so that you can show everyone your bravery at the Battle of Blackwater which you were TOTALLY a part of.
  • Explore a new relationship. Bravely declare your feelings, or swear allegiance to your beloved and refuse to stay away, even when you are banished multiple times. Bonus points if one of you tries to kill the other at least once. Negative several million points if they are your brother or sister.
  • Get a new pet. Direwolves and dragons are optimal for cuddles and leisurely walks. Other alternatives include a horse or a raven, but it is important to note that ravens with three eyes are known to see beyond the present and may occasionally make uncomfortable and awkward commentary without prompting.
  • Travel. Go for a day trip somewhere, or travel across all the known lands, surprising your family and friends years later when you show up still alive. Try different foods, meet interesting plot-essential people, and survive a myriad of untold dangers. Consider sightseeing or conquering all in your path for added fun.
  • Catch up on current events. Who’s king or queen now? Are they a good ruler? Does the colour of their hair or any written histories suggest parentage other than what is widely believed? (Note: If the answer to the last is yes, choose who you share this information with carefully for your own safety.)
  • Check some things off your list. Do laundry. Get groceries. Wash the car. The Hound.
  • Do something nice for yourself or someone else. Attend a wedding, bake some special pies, or offer to hold the door for someone.

Though the wait for this final season has at times seemed as long as the list of Daenerys’ titles, unlike many, many of the show’s characters, we’ve survived. With a few weeks to go and these definitely useful tips, Game of Thrones will be back on before you can say dracarys.

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