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Halloween for Fraidy Cats


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  • A tiny kitten wearing a kitches hat stands next to a pumpkin

Jessica S., Preston | October 1, 2021

I love Halloween! I love the pumpkins and the candy corn and the decorations. I love dancing to the Monster Mash and dressing up like a friendly witch.

But there is one thing I do not like: Being scared out of my wits.

Halloween doesn’t have to be scary! If you prefer a cozy night in over being chased through a haunted house by a chainsaw-wielding serial killer, there are a lot of options for you. Treat yourself to some delicious homemade Halloween snacks. Spend an evening working on fun Halloween-themed crafts. Looking to have a movie night without any jump-scares? Check out our list of non-spooky Halloween movies available from Idea Exchange!

And if you’re looking for a lighthearted book to put you in the Halloween spirit, read on for five of our seasonally-appropriate favourites:

If you’d rather encounter witches looking for independence and love than for a human sacrifice, check out Alice Hoffman’s “The Rules of Magic” (sequel to the beloved “Practical Magic”) or Alix E. Harrow’s brilliant magical/feminist alternate history, “The Once and Future Witches.”

Witches and werewolves unite (and make out) in Suzanne Walker’s charming graphic novel, “Mooncakes.” Speaking of charming graphic novels, Rainbow Rowell’s “Pumpkinheads” is the ultimate tribute to Halloween and young love. You can practically smell the pumpkin patch!

And for ghost fans who also love romance and historical fiction, check out Susanna Kearsley’s “Bellewether.” Kearsley’s written about ghosts before, but this book is better for October, as it briefly features an awesome Halloween party at a haunted museum.

More of a mystery fan? Murder doesn’t have to be scary either! Check out some of our Halloween-themed cozy mysteries. Small towns? Amateur sleuths? Cutesy titles? You cannot go wrong:

What are your favourite Halloween go-to books and movies? Let us know in the comments below!