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How Do You Listen?


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Phil, Queen's Square | January 2, 2017

When I first started buying music there was really only one choice: vinyl. Sure there were tapes, but they wore out easily or got chewed up by a tape machine. My collection blossomed as my interest in more varieties of music expanded beyond pop rock to metal, punk, jazz, classical and beyond. Still, the one constant was vinyl.

Today, the conversation is less about who you like, and more about how you find what you like and how you listen. Radio has expanded to online programming and so has the general public. Didn’t hear the Strombo show on Sunday night? No problem, podcasts and streaming have literally liberated us from time constraints and location. In fact, just about anyone can post podcasts on the internet.

Compact discs are 35 years old, but have only recently been overtaken by digital downloading and streaming for a total of nearly $15 billion in revenue. What you listen to has been overtaken by how you listen.

At Idea Exchange we have evolved in how we offer music to listen. Most streaming subscriptions offer MP3 quality, but there is a small market of CD quality and above streaming that exists too. For your streaming and downloading needs, you can stream up to 3 hours of music daily through Freegal, and download up to 5 songs a week, all legally and all free.

As for CDs, our collection totals over 4500 titles, with new titles added weekly. Don’t see something, just ask. If it’s new, we can try to get it. After all, our music collection isn’t just representative of new and diverse music, it is also a representation of the diverse tastes of Cambridge citizens.


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Nice write-up, Phil--succinct and easy to read!