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Libby: The New App from OverDrive


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Phil, Queen's Square | January 14, 2020

There’s a new gal in town and her name is Libby.

Libby is the new free app from OverDrive. With over 40 000 titles (e-books and audio) OverDrive offers a breadth and depth of reading and listening opportunities at your fingertips. For those of you using the OverDrive app, Libby is about to make your life a lot easier. Haven’t tried our free ebook download services? Then Libby will be an easy and seamless way to expand your options.

With Libby, you can sign in with one tap. All holds and borrowed items are on the same page. No longer will you need to deal with Adobe IDs or format selections. You can start reading or listening in seconds, with an interface that allows one tap to go back to searching for titles or one tap to see books on your library shelf.

In addition to providing a simple and easy to use interface, Libby allows  you to manage multiple Library cards (if you have cards valid at several libraries), or your families’ cards in one simple way. As well, Libby provides one tap connections to sign up, borrow and manage your holds. 

Libby is free and will work with iOS9 and up, Android 4.4 and up and Windows 10. Get it now from Google Play, the Microsoft store or the Apple store by searching for “Libby” or “OverDrive”. You can acquaint yourself with the new app at Meet Libby and see a short video explaining how it works.