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Love in the City of Lights


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  • Eiffel tower at night

Jessica, Preston | February 1, 2018

The food! The architecture! And of course – the romance.

There’s no better setting for a love story than Paris, the City of Light (and the city of love).  If you can’t breakfast at a quaint French café along the Seine this Valentine’s Day, pick up one of these sweet Parisian love stories instead:

The Little Paris Bookshop Paris for One and Other Stories The Chocolate Heart French Kiss Paris, He Said

Or perhaps you’d prefer the Paris of the past? There’s no shortage of historical fiction set in Paris, which is no surprise since the city itself dates back to a Roman settlement. From the French Revolution and la belle epoque to the Lost Generation and two World Wars, Paris of the past has a lot to offer romance aficionados:

To Capture What We Cannot Keep The Confectioner's Tale : A Novel of Paris Moonlight over Paris The Queen of the Night Lovers at the Chameleon Club - Paris 1932

Paris is the perfect place to fall in love for the very first time, so perhaps that’s why so many YA (Young Adult) titles are set on its cobblestone streets. These Paris-centric stories may focus on young love, but they’re recommended for readers of all ages:

Anna and the French Kiss Just One Day Starry Nights Belle Epoque A Little in Love

Or perhaps you’re not looking for romance at all. Perhaps you’re in love with the city of Paris itself. You wouldn’t be the first. It’s difficult to resist the allure of this magnificent city. Pick up one of these memoirs about loving the City of Light, and you just might find yourself besotted as well:

A Moveable Feast The Only Street in Paris : Life on the Rue des Martyrs Paris Year Almost French : Love and a New Life in Paris Paris Letters : One Woman's Journey from the Fast Lane to a Slow Stroll in Paris


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