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  • Patricia, teen librarian
    Patricia, teen librarian

Patricia, Clemens Mill | October 7, 2011

Lifelong learning is my raison d’etre. It’s part of who I am and how I live my life. The desire to know, learn and grow. The desire to ask hard questions, discuss, and debate. Put that passion into action and almost anything can happen…

…Like having a first career as a geologist, mapping northern Ontario, being chased by a herd of very angry swine, hiking a glacier or canoeing in the early morning mist!

…Like learning to play the violin, being part of a community orchestra and achieving a life-long dream!  My love of music means much more to me than just attending concerts though. It means supporting young artists like my teenage daughter, who work hard and who also want to follow their passion in life.

…Like segueing to a new career that encompasses two other passions in my life; a love of books and a desire to serve others. What better way to do that than work in a library?  I’m based at Clemens Mill Library which I love because I am part of the fascinating world of St. Benedict’s High School. I love working with the young students there because they love to question and explore.

Combine all of this with being a mom to three teens and one young adult and you have one very busy life! Despite all this I do find time to read, blog, cycle, and enjoy some time with close friends. Retail therapy is always an option for relaxation too.

My tastes in reading and music can be almost anything that catches my interest. I manage to read, on average, three books per week. I love historical fiction, realistic fiction, young adult fiction and sci-fi. I also love biographies and nonfiction books that explore events and people in a fresh, but intellectually honest way. When I go to the movie theatre I enjoy watching romantic comedies because I like to be entertained but I actually prefer period pieces and British literature adaptations.

In a world of texts, voice recognition and handheld devices, everyone is in need of more FACE|TIME. We want to introduce you to our staff. A unique group of people that are ready to build relationships with you and listen to your ideas!

Photography: Alisha Townsend