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Meet Our Literary Slugger, Angela


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  • Angela, literary slugger
    Angela, literary slugger
  • Angela, literary slugger
    Angela, literary slugger

Angela, Hespeler | October 17, 2011

Sometimes, what seems to be the worst time of your life turns out to be the best!

A few years ago, in a fundraising softball game with Kitchener Public Library, I tripped on first base and flew into the air. I thought as I was defying gravity, “This must be what it’s like to be superman; if only I had a cape!” Gravity won and I landed on my hands and my next thought was, “OH OH! I have broken both my arms.” Shock set in. I had indeed broken my arms at the elbows and I want you to know that having both arms in casts and slings at the same time is a singularly debilitating experience. I could neither dress nor feed myself; but, I could sit with a book. It gave me much time for reading and thinking and I enjoyed that experience a lot. I have subsequently given up softball and taken up yoga.

I love Cambridge with its heritage river, stone churches and period houses. It reminds me of Montreal where I was born and raised. Its libraries act as a counterpoint to the older buildings. They are modern and busy. 

As a librarian, I love suggesting good reads (better than Oprah’s or Heather’s picks), helping with homework or resumes, and teaching people about our web site. I love saying hello to the people who come in on a regular basis and finding out what they are reading. The best books I have read have been recommended by my patrons. So, if you are in the Hespeler Library, stop  by, say hello and let me know what your favourite book is.

In a world of texts, voice recognition and handheld devices, everyone is in need of more FACE|TIME. We want to introduce you to our staff. A unique group of people that are ready to build relationships with you and listen to your ideas!

Photography: Alisha Townsend