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  • Sandra, community connector
    Sandra, community connector
  • Sandra, community connector
    Sandra, community connector

Sandra, Queen's Square | September 23, 2011

My Life is my passion & my community is my life
Life is not about taking a comfortable seat and simply observing - it’s about jumping in, biting off more than you can chew and embracing the feeling of change. My new passions drive me to the range to watch a golf ball fly in a straight line, scaling rocky paths on the Bruce Trail as the icy waters of the Georgian Bay crash below and bike a terrain that winds and loops through the Puslinch trails.
Active living is a priority and sharing my passions for exercise and healthy living extend from the kitchen to my daily dog-jog. No excuses! I get creative with time and blend activities – who said teenagers can’t grocery shop and make decisions about their higher education in the produce department?
Risk taking in the Kitchen can have some serious consequences that have resulted in healthy cookies that would make better Stone Soup and Cauliflower Curry overloaded with lentils. Yes, kitchen risk management is a definite area for personal growth, so I continue to rely on professional advice from my favorite Foodie magazines.  
Connecting with friends and family at music concerts, sharing a meal at a favorite local restaurant, catching a movie or travelling to new destinations together reminds me that we are only as strong as our community network. Sometimes it’s hard finding your community, after all who wants to go to a Great Big Sea concert four times in a row or watch a Mad Men marathon munching on Kettle Corn? But it’s worth it – staying connected is what makes my life happen.
Cambridge is my home where my roots are established and my goals for the future are set. I’m amazed by the diversity of our community and the warmth of the people that I continually meet professionally and at the many events that our held in this culturally vibrant town. So go ahead jump in and bite off more than you can chew…just maybe not one of my “healthy” fiber filled baked delights!

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Photography: Alisha Townsend