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Phil, Queen's Square | December 1, 2016

One of my favourite quotes from Einstein is: “Never memorize something you can look up”. It’s why we make lists for shopping, errands and heck, even Christmas. I regularly try to help members to put together a half-remembered book title, with a misremembered author name, or sometimes just the colour of the book cover.

Well, the “My Lists” feature will let you keep track of everything you find interesting in our catalogue, but don’t necessarily want to put a hold on it. After you sign in to your account with your name and card number, you can access the “My Lists” option on the left side of the page: 

See something you like? Adding it to the cart is the first step, by clicking the shopping cart symbol to the far left under Additional actions. After you are done browsing and adding items to your cart, Click on my cart at the top of the page to get a list of all the titles you have saved.


You have a few choices here, but select the Save to List from the options above.The list of items you saved to your cart is on the right. Select the name of the list from the drop down on the left, or if this is the first time saving to a list select “Save to new list”. What you call the list is your choice, (I use fiction and non-fiction primarily for books), but it allows you to save titles in whatever way works best for you.


We can’t all be as smart as Einstein, but we can use “My Lists” to help us remember all those titles we don’t want read right now, but don’t want to forget.