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Phil, Queen's Square | December 6, 2018

Fans of things that go bump in the night don’t stop reading thrillers just because the season has come and gone. For all those folks who want to stay up all night reading or wake up in an occasional cold sweat, here are some hot suggestions to get you through the cold winter months.

We all know the thriller touchstones through the decades that continue to resonate with readers: think Exorcist, Haunting of House Hill, Silence of the Lambs, or Gone Girl, for a contemporary example. All have been made into scary movies, sometimes more than once.

The obvious question though is who’s writing the scariest, most haunting books now? Mark Harris and others contemplate the options in the New York Times Book ReviewBe Afraid” October 28, 2018 (the one with the squirrel sitting on a skull, licking an eyeball).

Their choices include Infinite Blacktop, described as Sue Grafton but much darker: Bitter Orange, a slow burning thriller; Cross Her Heart, a fast paced thriller with several twists that are well executed; Melmoth, a Gothic horror story about a woman who walks the streets of contemporary Prague; and Lindqvist’s I am Behind You, about Swedish campers who awake in a seemingly infinite field. Reviewers call John Lindqvist the Swedish Stephen King, so you are in good hands it seems.

Want some more books to give you the chills?

The Cabin at the End of the WorldCabin at the End of the World begins with the following premise: Four people invade a house, telling the owners that after seeing visions, one of them must be sacrificed to save the world. In a world where truths are continually questioned for ideological gain, this book is both of-the-moment and disturbing.
Frankenstein in BaghdadFrankenstein in Baghdad is an award-winning book (International Prize for Arabic fiction), now just available in English translation. In the war-torn city, bodies are easy to come by, and soon Hadi al-Attag has sewn together a body that he brings to life. And that monster, is off to kill the people that killed the people sewn together. It’s a dystopian novel with sharp satire and a deep sense of the macabre with contemporary relevance.
Three Days MissingThree Days Missing tells the story of a mother awakened by the police to let her know her son is missing. It’s a terror that strikes at the heart of a family, and will be of interest to Gone Girl and Girl on a Train readers.
Safe HousesMulti-time award winner Dan Fesperman tells the story of a daughter tracking down the killers of her parents during the Cold War. Safe Houses moves between present day and classic Cold War times to keep you on the edge of your seat.

All excellent choices to keep you up reading all night, or on one of those dark and snowy weekends.