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Phil, Queen's Square | May 29, 2019

Some of you may know that we accept donations of gently used CDs, DVDs, Video Games, and books at Idea Exchange. Sometimes we are truly blessed when a member donates a significant amount of materials to our collection.

Recently, we had such a donation of music CDs in pristine condition. Over 100 Classical CDs were donated. These titles are now available at all our library locations.

We have new CDs by all the big composers: Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms, Handel, Dvorak, Haydn, as well as Mahler, Grieg, Bizet, Borodin, Part and Elgar to name just a few.

We also have artists and orchestras such as: Kiri Te Kenawa, Jacqueline De Pre, Dennis Brain, Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and the London Symphony Orchestra .

Keep your eye on the new music section on our website as additional titles become available.

Do you have CDs or DVDs in excellent condition that you longer use? Consider donating and share your collection with us, and we can in turn share it with the whole Cambridge community. Feel free to contact me if you would like to talk over your potential CD donation: probinson [at]

Brahms: Serenades CD coverThe Art of the French Horn CD coverChicago Symphony Orchestra CD cover