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Power of Fiction: September Picks


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Phil, Queen's Square | September 1, 2019

It is all well enough that I tell you that The Wall by John Lanchester is the best work of fiction I have read this year. Great storytelling, richly drawn characters, contemporary yet timeless themes, and perfect pacing. I could go on and on. Frankly, it’s kind of ruined reading for awhile because nothing has surpassed this novel. Good thing I read some other quality books this month.

The Parade by Dave Eggars, is a wisp of a book about a road paving team in an unnamed Middle Eastern country, even the main characters are only known by numbers. It is in this bleak, ethically challenging environment that a paving job goes off the rails so to speak. A thought provoking and powerful read.

It is also a good thing that I read All the Lives We Never Lived. Just an exceptionally well written thoughtful story of growing up, motherhood and loss with real historical figures included in this wonderful story.

And finally, Dawn Dumont’s Glass Beads is a series of linked stories featuring recurring characters exploring the life of indigenous youth in Canada, told through four characters as they navigate life off the reservation; in some cases, for the first times in their family’s lives. If you enjoyed There There by Tommy Orange make sure to pick this one up.

It’s been an embarrassment of riches. So, what to read next month?

Feast Your Eyes by Myla Goldberg; A Philosophy of Ruin by Nicholas Mancusi; Paris 7A.M. by Liza Wieland, and We Went to the Woods by Caite Dolan-Leach.