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Jennifer, Clemens Mill | October 2, 2017

October is a magical time when the air smells like wood smoke and cotton candy. It's a time for putting purple cobwebs in your trees and stocking up goodies for the kids who will come knocking. And best of all, it's a time for the most fairy tale vegetable of them all, the pumpkin.

It's what Linus waited for in the pumpkin patch. It's what Cinderella's carriage was made of. And on a golden day in the fall, when we get in a wagon and travel over bumpy land, the perfect pumpkin is what we're travelling to find.

Once you find the pumpkin that's just right, you can bring it home and make it into something extraordinary that will glow at the top of your porch steps on Halloween night.

You can make a pumpkin into anything you want--a pirate or a monster, or you could use stencils and make a witch on a broomstick; bats; or Edgar Allan Poe. Have a look at some of these books on pumpkin carving and decoration, and also some great pumpkin stories for inspiration.

Pumpkin magic also happens in the kitchen, when you roast the seeds in butter and salt, and end up with nutty little chips. Or on Thanksgiving, when pumpkins become the best pie in the world. For great recipes for pumpkins, check out these great cookbooks.

See if you can come up with something magical this October!

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