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Laura, Queen's Square | February 9, 2015

Dr. Raganathan’s Law #3: “Every book its reader”

Need a laugh? Feeling a bit off-kilter? Have unique tastes? Perhaps you are the perfect reader for our out of the ordinary books!

Some are meant to grab your attention with titles like Why do Men Have Nipples? Others like Knits for Nerds have kitschy covers and downright offbeat subjects.

Whatever the gimmick, you can bet the book probably exists somewhere in the world. The popular blog, Awful Library Books, highlights the strangeness of books past their prime. Abebooks has a full page of weird classics at which you can giggle and then purchase.

For free page-turning fun though, nobody beats Idea Exchange. Go ahead and have a chuckle: we’ve assembled a list of our weirdest books to inform and entertain.

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