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Kathleen, Queen's Square | January 2, 2019

There’s nothing I like better than having an undisturbed block of time to simply sit and read. I love the sheer bliss of having nothing between me and my book, with no obligation other than to read the words on the page, and to immerse myself in the world of a good story.

Mind you, this scenario seems less likely than finding a dragon cleaning my kitchen. If you’re anything like me, it can be tough to find time to read. So, make time — at a Silent Reading Party.

Nearly a decade ago, Christopher Frizelle started the first Silent Reading Party. It’s a party where there is no small talk, no need to mingle, no need to get dressed up or bring anything. At this party, all you do is sit down alongside other readers, open a book and read silently for a couple of hours. Silent Reading Parties continue to be a popular, lined-up-out-the-door event at their birthplace in Seattle’s Sorrento Hotel. They’ve sprung up in other centres across the continent and across the ocean, too. You can learn more about this reading trend from Forbes, and glean tips from Book Riot to get your own party started.

Or, better still, join us! We are having our very own Reading Party at Idea Exchange, Queen’s Square, 6:30 – 8:00pm on January 31, 2019. There’s no need to register, just come ready to chase your bliss and read. If you don’t have a book on the go, simply pick a great one from our shelves!


Submitted by Nancy (not verified) on

You can post upcoming Silent Reading Parties at the Silent Book Club website, or start a branch. They will send you signs and bookmarks.

Submitted by Kathleen (not verified) on

Thanks very much for the link, Nancy!