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SRC winner
Idea Exchange | September 10, 2020
Thank you to all 724 participants of Idea Exchange's first year of online summer reading programs. Kids, teens and adults read/listened, created... Read More»
stack of books beside an open laptop in a library
Gabrielle, Queen's Square | September 10, 2020
This fall, Idea Exchange has more great virtual author events to share with you. Whether you like creepy books, history books, funny books, or just... Read More»
professional film camera focusing on Notre Dame in the distance
Jessica, Preston | September 1, 2020
Last year I took a “Silver Screen Holiday” by watching movies filmed on location and set in New Orleans, which was a great way to prepare for my... Read More»
zodiac symbols appearing overtop of opened books on a desk
Meghan, Queen's Square | September 1, 2020
Looking for your next great novel? Why not look to the stars to choose your next reading adventure? Here are the best books for you based on the... Read More»
various colourful polyhedral dice sitting on a table
Cassidy, Queen's Square | August 10, 2020
Whether you've always been curious about the world of Dungeons and Dragons, or whether your curiosity was sparked be a recent show, podcast, or even... Read More»
close-up of theatre stage floor with seating and lights in the background
Jessica, Preston | August 1, 2020
Movies for 2020 Theatre Fans Summer 2020 was supposed to be a great one for theatre lovers. With the amazing touring productions arriving in Toronto... Read More»
Author Emma Donoghue
Gabrielle, Queen's Square | July 21, 2020
Emma Donoghue is nearly always writing. At our event with her last fall, she confessed that in addition to her scheduled work times, she tries to... Read More»
Adele Parks
Veronica, Queen's Square | July 13, 2020
Is there anything better than sitting on the beach with a cold bevy beside you and a good book on your lap? We don't think so. Thrillers and... Read More»
stack of books and ebook sitting on a table in front of a full bookshelf
Phil, Queen's Square | June 30, 2020
There are many reasons to celebrate Canadian literature beyond the obvious connection with Canada Day on July 1. To say that 2020 has been... Read More»
two muskoka chairs at the end of a dock, facing a large lake surrounded by trees
Shawna, Old Post Office | June 22, 2020
Whether you are traveling light to your summer vacation or at home planning for next year, here are some lake side reads from our digital collection... Read More»