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Person walking on the edge of snowy mountain
Shawna, Old Post Office | March 1, 2020
Read a Chiller-of-a-Thriller before the last of the snow melts.  Jo Nesbo is a Scandinavian crime writer with international best-selling novels.  In... Read More»
Library books on display
Tina, Preston | March 1, 2020
We always say: Don't judge a book by its cover; but sometimes it's fun to do just that! I've been trying colour displays at my branch for the last... Read More»
Baseball players sitting on bench and holding gloves and balls
Jennifer, Clemens Mill | March 1, 2020
There is a balminess that you can feel in the air when Spring is just around the corner. The breeze is sweet. The sun waits a little longer to set.... Read More»
movie threatre screen, seats and popcorn
Jessica, Hespeler | March 1, 2020
I’m sure you’ve heard that old adage, “everything old is new again”. Lately it feels like the entertainment industry has taken this message to heart... Read More»
Phil, Queen's Square | February 28, 2020
As a child with a parent experiencing memory loss, finding common ground can be difficult as conversations are often short, pauses long, as... Read More»
Person holding an open book
Phil, Queen's Square | February 1, 2020
There’s no better way to spend a chilly winter’s night than curling up on the couch with the dog and a new book. I think I’ll start with Aravind... Read More»
Director's chair and clapperboard
Jessica, Preston | February 1, 2020
Oscar predictions are a tricky business, but there if there is one thing we can predict with utter certainty about 2020’s ceremony, it is this: The... Read More»
Guitar with Canadian flag painted on it
Shawna, Old Post Office | February 1, 2020
The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern: A Complete History by David McPherson is not only a history of the Tavern itself but how it also helped influence... Read More»
New Orleans
Jessica, Preston | February 1, 2020
When I took a trip to New Orleans last year, I was careful to do my research beforehand: I read guide books, listened to informative podcasts, and... Read More»
Snow man and flower in front of 29th of February
Meghan, Queen's Square | February 1, 2020
Leaping lizards! 2020 is a leap year. Leap years are one of the oddest quirks of the Gregorian calendar and also feature in other calendar systems... Read More»