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Idea Exchange Magazine Cover Fall 2017
Idea Exchange | August 25, 2017
The Fall 2017 edition of Idea Exchange Magazine is here! We’re hitting the ground running this fall with tons of exciting programs, like our Stranger... Read More»
tablet and stack of magazines
Stephanie, Queen's Square | August 9, 2017
Nothing beats lounging around with a great magazine! The RB Digital App (formerly Zinio for Libraries) offers full colour copies of your favourite... Read More»
women in a pile of books
Jessica, Queen's Square | August 1, 2017
Right now it seems like we have a hundred things demanding our time.  Even our supposed down time is bombarded with a myriad of things to entertain... Read More»
boy with open book and waterfall
Jennifer, Clemens Mill | August 1, 2017
Do you remember what your favourite picture book was when you were little? Maybe you still have some of your old books with your name scrawled on the... Read More»
lady in medieval clothes
Phil, Queen's Square | August 1, 2017
Historical novels are most enjoyable when novelists delve more deeply into the nooks and crannies of people and places than nonfiction can often go.... Read More»
old timey dancing shoes
Programs + Events | August 1, 2017
As you continue to enjoy the sun’s rays, outside adventures, and relaxation that summer provides, we have lots of interesting events taking place at... Read More»
glowing tablet
Phil, Queen's Square | July 22, 2017
There’s a new gal in town and her name is Libby. Libby is the new free app from OverDrive. With over 40 000 titles (e-books and audio) OverDrive... Read More»
reading on the beach
Susan, Hespeler | July 3, 2017
Summer is often a time to evaluate our “To Be Read” list and explore new authors, new genres and new ideas. This year I’m going to visit new works by... Read More»
old photos
Jessica, Preston | July 3, 2017
Every family has secrets. If you dig around in your family history, you’re bound to discover something scandalous. Hidden children, disappearing... Read More»
Sons of Anarchy cover syndetics
Leah, Queen's Square | July 3, 2017
You know those times when an actor seems, all of a sudden, to be EVERYWHERE?! 2017 is definitely going to be the year of Charlie Hunnam. Most of you... Read More»