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Arabella of Mars

Levine, David D.
This novel is a wonderful and improbable hybrid: a swashbuckling steampunk story that features both space exploration and the kind of Regency-era drama you'd expect from a Jane Austen novel. Our heroine, Arabella, is a clever and headstrong young woman whose adventurous upbringing on the British colony planet of Mars has left her ill-suited to re-entering conventional middle-class society back in England - nevertheless, her mother drags her back to Earth set on making a suitable match. When the life of her beloved brother Michael is threatened back on Mars, Arabella springs to the rescue and finds herself on an amazing interstellar adventure. It's a fun premise with an intriguing setting. This is the first in an ongoing series, so I'll be curious to discover where Arabella goes from here.
Meghan Casey (Staff) (Queen's Square Library)