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The bookshop

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie about a young widow who moves to a small town and tries to open a bookshop there. It is Florence Green’s dream to create a refuge for people to escape into the worlds of fiction, and she does, with great style. However, she does not get the support of the townspeople, who are led by the mean-spirited, rich dignitary, Violet Gamart (played by Patricia Clarkson). Violet will stop at nothing to rid the town of this charming girl and her lovely bookshop. All is not lost, however, as Florence has two friends in town, one is the devoted girl who works in her shop, Christine, with whom she shares tea in china teacups. The other is the town’s recluse, Edmund Brundish, played by the wonderful Bill Nighy. Edmund is a gentleman and a scholar, who loves books almost as much as Florence, and who defends her like a knight in shining armour.
Jennifer (Staff) (Clemens Mill Library)