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Awad, Mona
This is a witty, surrealist take on female friendship, social status and loneliness, done in the spirit of classic satires such as Heathers and Mean Girls. The Bunnies are a clique of 20-something female writers who dominate their university writing program with quirky antics, ModCloth dresses and whimsical cupcakes. One day, lonely outcast Samantha gets an unexpected invitation to their weekly reading salon, where she discovers the Bunnies indulge in some truly creepy bonding rituals in order to keep producing their stories. Things get progressively more violent and unusual from here. This book doesn’t shy away from some monumental weirdness and tonal dissonance, so it won’t work for all readers, especially if you go in expecting a straightforward story with nothing particularly supernatural. However, I’d definitely recommend it to fans of authors like Ottessa Moshfegh or Chuck Palahniuk or anyone else who enjoys off-kilter, experimental and dream-like elements in their literary fiction.
Meghan Casey (Staff) (Queen's Square Library)