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Never before has a show felt as important as Chernobyl. This is a riveting, and dare I say necessary show to watch. Showcasing the best and worst of humanity during one of the worst nuclear disasters, Chernobyl takes you through the disastrous decisions that not only led up to the disaster, but those that came after. Party officials and those in power worked as hard as they could to deny the severity of what happened to protect themselves and their reputations. They ignored and discounted experts and evidence that could have saved lives and you see the people that suffer horribly for it. Chernobyl follows the few scientists who search for the truth of what happened to make sure it never happens again. The very first line asks the question, “what is the cost of lies?” The cost is all the people who died and sacrificed themselves over a nuclear disaster that should never happened in the first place. This is television at its finest.
Jessica (Staff) (Hespeler Library)