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Miller, Madeline.
Tells the story of an exiled immortal being who holds little hope for the gods. This re-telling/expanding of a classic Greek myth explores the growth of Circe into a powerful witch/herbalist as she attempts to create her own life and self-controlled story. Humans, however flawed they may be, are held as a thread of hope. Well written, clear, poetic, and very readable.
Phil (Staff) (Queen's Square Library)
This gorgeously lyrical novel tells the story of the enchantress, Circe, who magically transformed Odysseus’ crew into pigs to punish their boorish behaviour in The Odyssey. The daughter of a Titan and a sea nymph, Circe dislikes the company of deities, who tend to be callous and cruel. Instead, she is attracted to the fragile beauty of the mortal world, where time is precious and her gift of sorcery can bloom. Author Madeleine Miller weaves threads of myth and history together into a mesmerising tapestry, depicting legendary heroes and heroines as vital, passionate and human. Newcomers to Greek mythology will find this a fascinating introduction to its wealth of stories. Those more familiar with demi-gods and gorgons will appreciate Miller’s skill in adapting a classic tale to modern sensibilities. The ideal place to read this book would be on a beach in the Greek islands, with dawn rising over the ocean, but wherever you pore over these pages, you’re certain to find yourself transported to a world of ancient wonders.
Meghan Casey (Staff) (Queen's Square Library)