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The Detectorists.

You won’t find nail-biting thrills in this sitcom about metal detecting. What you will find is a story that very quietly and very brilliantly pulls you in. It follows a cast of misfit dreamers who wander the English countryside in search of treasure. Set to a so-lovely theme song and featuring endlessly lush landscapes, this down-to-earth comedy is now one of my favourite shows.
Laura (Staff) (Queen's Square Library)
Andy and Lance are two decidedly low-key, underemployed metal detector enthusiasts who spend their weekends and abundant downtime scouring the British countryside for buried Roman coins and Saxon treasure. Enter young history student Sophie to shake things up at the Danebury Metal Detecting Club. Written and directed by Mackenzie Crook (The wonderful "Gareth" in the UK version of "The Office") and co-starring Toby Jones, this charming comedy may even have searching your old sandbox for long lost Matchbox cars.
Lucie (Staff) (Queen's Square Library)