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Directorate S

Coll, Steve.
There is no better writer of the recent past than Pulitzer Prize winner Steve Coll. In Directorate S Coll documents and synthesizes the widest number of sources dealing with the Afghan war (2001 to present): the egos, the politicians, tacticians, generals, the State Department, CIA, NATO and more. At the heart of the book is the duplicitous actions of the Pakistani military to both aid and abet the Taliban as they attempt to fulfill American support in opposition of the Taliban insurgency. Coll highlights the unclear political aims, the fractured tactical approaches and the inability of the Americans to replicate the counterinsurgency successes of Iraq war, and a general lack of understanding of the unique attributes of the Afghani people and region. Sure to be included in the best books of 2018 when year the end reviews roll around.
Phil (Staff) (Queen's Square Library)