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The girl on the train

Hawkins, Paula.
Rachel Watson rides the same train every day, the 8:04. On her route, the train passes a string of houses, with rooftop terraces. On one, particular terrace, she starts to see the same couple, every day, having coffee, smiling, laughing. She loves this couple, who she names Jess and Jason, and wishes that this was her life. One day, watching from the train, something seems amiss in the world of the dream couple on the terrace. When Rachel learns later that the woman has gone missing, she feels strangely compelled to do something about it. This is a fast-paced, exciting page-turner that you could easily read in few hours. So, put the coffee on, get comfortable, because there are no stops on this train ride.
Jennifer (Staff) (Clemens Mill Library)
An amazing read. Set in London, England, the "girl" on the train (Rachel) has a mysterious job as well as a drinking problem. Soon enough Rachel is involved in the disappearance of a woman. For all her problems, I loved Rachel and her tenacity. Its a brilliantly crafted mystery with enough intrigue to keep you reading for hours.
Cate (Staff) (Clemens Mill Library)