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Love & courage

Singh, Jagmeet
No matter your politics, you should take the time to learn more about any of the leaders of the major political parties. I didn’t know much about Singh going in and I was surprised to learn about his family and his struggles. This book read like fiction and I mean that as a compliment. Singh writes well about the challenges he’s overcome, including his father’s alcoholism, protecting his younger siblings and suffering through his own trauma. At times it’s a little too obvious he’s running for office, like his repeated references to understanding Quebec culture (a province he might struggle to win votes in). He also talks a little too much about his religion, but it’s probably necessary for him to explain Sikhism and how it shapes his worldview for people who know little about the religion. All in all, I was impressed with his writing style and how he handled himself in extreme situations. Whether you think he should be Prime Minister or not, it’s worth learning more about him and his book shares a remarkable tale about overcoming adversity and thriving.
Jessica (Staff) (Hespeler Library)