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Making rounds with Oscar : the extraordinary gift of an ordinary cat

A wonderful, warm and caring book. Oscar the cat is normally stand-offish, but when a patient in the nursing home really needs him during their final hours, he's there. On the side of their bed keeping vigil. Dr. Dosa tells us all about the cat, and the many lives he's influenced at the nursing home. Its also a wealth of information on dementia and the adult children who take care of them.
Cate (Clemens Mill Library)
A remarkable real life story of a cat who can sense when nursing home patients are experiencing their last few days of life. Oscar finds a way to make both patient and family feel more comfortable. This book is a learning tool for people who wish to learn more about caregiving for persons with dementia, but it also teaches a valuable lesson about the relationship between people and animals.
Sian Waterfield (Staff) (Clemens Mill)