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Leamer, Laurence.
This title gives a unique perspective on the rise of Trump, positioned from Palm Beach at his Mar-A-Lago resort. The author is an admitted member of the Palm Beach culture that alternately despises and celebrates Trump over the years. He uses that insider status to give the reader a glimpse into the role that Mar-A-Lago played in supporting Trump's rise, as well as how it is now used with Trump as president. The writing was serviceable, the content interesting enough, but I didn't find the book to be terribly gripping. There were a few unique insider perspectives, but nothing earth shattering. Trump dislikes Kobe beef! His wife is reserved and private! Trump's tackiness grates on many people! As I said, no big shockers here. I was sad that there were no photos of the estate, especially since the book is focused on it. Basically, a decent read, and good for someone who reads all things Trump, but otherwise there are better books out there about the US political drama.
Sarah Pump (Staff) (Queen's Square Library)