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The Minnie & friends cookbook

Littlefield, Cindy A.
I am 5 years old. I really like this cookbook! My absolute favourite recipe in this cookbook is the "Minnie Mouse Mousse". My favourite breakfast ones were "Ear-resistible French Toast", "Daisy's Delicious Yogurt Parfaits", "Millie and Melody's Morning Muffins", and "Donald's Go Bananas! Pancakes". My favourite lunch recipe was "Minnie's Polka-dot Tomato Soup". I haven't finished all the dinner recipes yet, but my favourites so far are "Yoo-hoo! Stew" and "Easy Pea-sy Bow Ties and Cheese". My favourite recipes from the Breads, Sides, and Drinks section are "Daisy's Jitterbug Juice" and "Mickey's Moo-shake". My favourite desserts are ALL OF THEM!!!
Leah (Age: 5) (Hespeler Library)
My 5 year old daughter absolutely adores this cookbook -partly because it is Minnie Mouse! She has been working very hard to complete all of the recipes in this cookbook; it is the first goal she has ever made! She has almost completed all of them! She has enjoyed making the breakfast and desserts ones the most. She has also enjoyed making the drinks. The "Mouse-tacular Chocolate cookies" were fun to make; we made the ears with colourful candy melts and the bows with mini M&Ms. Her favourite recipe was the "Minnie Mouse Mousse"; she made it two or three times. My husband and I enjoyed the most: "Millie and Melody's Morning Muffins", "Easy Pea-sy Bow Ties and Cheese", and "Mouse-tacular Chocolate Cookies". Some of the recipes were odd, but my daughter didn't seem to notice, except the "Sweet and Sassy Salad" - wow, that was gross!! However, the breakfast ones and tacos were pleasant. It has been a fun bonding experience doing this cookbook together! I sure hope the library buys the Disney Princess cookbook some day; my daughter would love that. Thank you Queen's Square and Clemen's Mill for helping my daughter set her first goal in life through this book!
Amy (Hespeler Library)