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The mirror & the light

Mantel, Hilary
The long-awaited final novel in the Wolf Hall trilogy is finally here and it is another masterwork of historical fiction. As a skilled administrator and politician, Thomas Cromwell has risen through the ranks of Tudor court life by doing Henry VIII’s dirty work, disposing of unwanted queens, traitors and anyone else who challenges the supremacy of the King. After engineering the downfall of his rivals, Cromwell is at the height of his powers, but enemies await on all sides seeking to pull him down. This gorgeous and psychologically complex novel will whisk you away to an age of grandeur and religious strife. The novel covers a lot of ground and isn’t quite as tightly plotted as its predecessors (Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies), but if you’re looking for a vividly detailed, emotionally charged story set in a fascinating moment in British history, this novel is the next best thing to jumping into a time machine.
Meghan Casey (Staff) (Queen's Square Library)