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The monogram murders

Hannah, Sophie
I wanted to like this and as a mystery, it’s not bad. There are some interesting clues and a few good reveals, but as an Agatha Christie, a new Hercule Poirot, this book fails miserably. The Christie estate authorized author Sophie Hannah to write a new novel featuring Christie’s most famous detective, but Hannah doesn’t have a grasp on Poirot. He is a caricature of himself in her hands and does things that Christie’s Poirot would never dream of doing. Hannah creates a new detective, Catchpool, so she doesn’t have to write much from Poirot’s point of view, but Catchpool is terrible at his job! He leaves bodies at the crime scene for well over a day because he is so upset by the crime that he flees! He also can’t figure out anything on his own and complains all the time about being useless (because he is). If Hannah had written the same book with an original character of her own, it wouldn’t be so bad but it pales in comparison to the real thing. If you’re looking for a good Poirot novel, read any of the originals instead.
Jessica (Staff) (Hespeler Library)