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Moonrise Kingdom


What an unexpected delight! 12 year old runaway misfits Sam and Suzy are made for each other. Their plan to run away together transforms the lives of everyone around them. This twisted, unpredictable, deadpan comedy has an impressive adult cast (Bill Murray, Frances  Bruce Willis, Edward Norton to name a few), but the two child leads steal the show. Definitely one of my favourite movies of 2012.

Betty (Staff) (Queen's Square Library)
You either love or hate Wes Anderson's films, and this one is no different. There are moments of real beauty, surrounded by the most contrived direction from Anderson. Like I said, you either love him or hate him. If you can get past Anderson's meddling fingers, Edward Norton, Bruce Willis and the two runaways all turn in decent work. Although, I must say someone should probably do their Masters thesis on Anderson's interest in wan women with mascara covered raccoon eyes. Worth checking out no matter where you stand on his films.
Phil (Staff) (Queen's Square Library)