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My year of rest and relaxation

Moshfegh, Ottessa.
Sometimes you read a novel and you find that it just doesn't resonate with you. Moshfegh has burst onto the literary scene, and this her second novel has been generating rave reviews. For me the crux of the matter, is whether a drugged out trust fund kid living in New York pre-9/11 is a character you care to spend nearly 300 pages with. Moshfegh is a talented writer and I would definitely recommend picking it up. It just did not resonate.
Phil (Staff) (Queen's Square Library)
This dark satiric take on the culture of wellness and self-care made me literally laugh out loud. It features one of the most deranged depictions of a psychiatrist I've ever seen in a book, in the character of Dr. Tuttle, a neck brace-wearing, cat-worshipping "shaman" who gives out pharmaceutical sleep aids like Hallowe'en candy. Of course, all the characters in this novel are a little unusual, from the protagonist, who seems to have it all, but just wants to nap her life away in between '80s movies to the calculating art world provocateur who may turn her quest for sleep into his latest project. Deeply weird, but strangely resonant and definitely memorable.
Meghan Casey (Staff) (Queen's Square Library)