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Normal people

Rooney, Sally.
Connell and Marianne are high school sweethearts, and yet they do not make their relationship public. Marianne would like to, but Connell wants to keep their relationship under wraps, because being on the football team and a part of the “in crowd” he feels that Marianne wouldn’t fit into his world. This rejection not only takes a toll on Marianne, but it also shapes the woman that she will become. It takes a while for Connell to realize that Marianne has been his one true friend all along, and knew him on a deeper level than anyone else. When they reach college and meet all new people, Connell is suddenly the shy one with nothing to say, while Marianne blossoms socially. Interestingly, with all of this attention, she really only wants to be with Connell, who is starting to understand the error of his ways. This is a well-written story that shows how someone with no self-esteem can sink almost beyond rescue; while at the same time it shows how hope and the love of a friend can be life saving.
Jennifer (Staff) (Clemens Mill Library)