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Once and Future Witches

Harrow, Alix E.
Three sisters take on the patriarchy as they fight for the vote and endeavour to restore the age of witchcraft. It’s not an easy thing to be a woman in New Salem in 1893: Witchcraft has been all but wiped out after the last witch uprising, and the men who run the city want to keep it that way. But when the long-estranged Eastwood sisters – bookish Beatrice, maternal Agnes, and firecracker Juniper – are reunited, they discover that together they might have the power to bring witchcraft back. “The Once and Future Witches” is an extremely fun ride, with rich world-building and writing as gorgeous as its cover art. By the end, you too will want to put on a pointy black hat and fly away with the Eastwood sisters.
Jessica Sheff (Staff) (Preston Library)