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Once Upon a River

Setterfield, Diane .
An enchanting tale about family ties and the power of stories. “Once Upon a River” begins at a nineteenth-century inn along the River Thames, where the regulars and innkeepers all specialize in storytelling. On a dark and stormy midwinter’s night, a story falls into their laps: a man bursts into the inn, cradling a drowned girl … who promptly comes back to life. Everyone is fascinated by the mute child, but to whom does she belong? The inn’s storytellers are captivated as the mystery surrounding the girl takes several twists and turns, connecting a large cast of memorable characters, until all the disparate stories come together in an utterly satisfying ending. Perfectly plotted with an ethereal quality to the storytelling, this book is really something special. Highly recommended!
Jessica Sheff (Staff) (Preston Library)