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Oona out of order

Montimore, Margarita.
What would life be like if it was lived out of order? If you went from nineteen years old to sixty? And then from sixty to twenty-three? This is what life is like for Oona. Starting on her twentieth birthday, which is also New Year’s Eve, she leaves the current year and travels to another one, never knowing where she will end up next. She might find herself in a book-lined library in a beautiful house. Or it could be a night club, where there is a handsome man dancing with her. Every new year that she visits, she discovers a note, from the previous year’s Oona, who fills her in on the names of friends, boyfriends, pitfalls, and investments that she needs to be aware of. The trouble is, sometimes she doesn’t find the note until it’s too late and she must navigate her surroundings by instinct. The one constant that she has in her life is her mother, who although loyal, is not the most reliable touchstone. It’s interesting to watch Oona grow as a person and come into her own in her life, fragmented as it may be. A perfect read for fall evenings on the porch.
Jennifer (Staff) (Clemens Mill Library)