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The other Einstein

Benedict, Marie.
Everyone knows the name Albert Einstein, but everyone should know the name Mileva Maric. The only woman accepted into her class at Zurich’s Polytechnic, and a physicist and mathematician in her own right, Maric’s own talents were overshadowed by her famous husband. This is her story. Author Marie Benedict’s exhaustive research pays off as she tells Maric’s story, a story based on historical evidence including letters between Maric and Einstein themselves. This is a heartbreaking and frustrating tale of a brilliant woman caught up in a role determined by her gender and her time. As Albert’s influence grew, Maric was pushed to the sidelines, often by her own husband who took her name off scientific papers and expected her to be nothing more than a dutiful wife. An eye-opening account of a woman history has forgotten.
Jessica (Staff) (Hespeler Library)