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Ahern, Cecelia
The sequel to PS, I Love You was well worth the wait. It was a 16 year wait between the first book (Cecelia Ahern's first published novel) and Postscript, the sequel to the book that made her worldwide name. I'll admit I was worried that this book couldn't live up to the amazing story in PS, I Love You, but I was wrong. Seeing how Holly's life has changed and grown (or sometimes hasn't) since the events in the first book was like catching up with an old friend. The story in the new book takes place six years after the events of the first book. It was just as emotional and touching as the original. Having read the first book many, many times there were some characters missing, or who did not appear as much in the sequel as I would have liked. There were also some plot points that were extremely significant in the first novel that are not mentioned or addressed at all in the sequel, but I suppose in a six year gap in the plot can account for some of this as things that happen in your life six years ago may be things you don't think about or discuss after all of that time. If the first book made you cry, this one will too. I'll admit I haven't enjoyed the last few of Cecelia Ahern's novels, but this one definitely has the same feeling and emotion as her first few novels.
Alicia (Preston Library)