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Pure heroine

Lorde’s unique voice and anti-extravagance lyrics sky-rocketed her to fame with “Royals.” Her album “Pure Heroine” shows that she will not be a one-hit wonder. Her lyrics are mature and thought-provoking providing a sharp contrast to other artists in the genre. Lines like “We live in cities you’ll never see on screen” in the track “Team” carry the message Lorde made famous with her first single. Not one of the best albums I’ve heard, there are a couple of tracks that are too “teen angst” for my taste, but worth a listen. Lorde is an artist to keep an eye on as she continues to mature. Tracks to Hit: Team, Tennis Court, 400 Lux. Tracks to Miss: Ribs. The transition from slow tempo to fast is jarring and Lorde’s vocal style is ill-suited to the up-tempo parts.
Jessica (Staff) (Queen's Square Library)