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Reminiscences of the early history of Galt and the settlement of Dumfries in the province of Ontario

As a resident of Galt, I picked this small volume up hoping to learn more about the origins of my home. I was not disappointed. The author goes into great detail about the early origins of the settlement, the first buildings that were erected, and the challenges faced by the pioneers coming to the area. He covers the time from 1798 to about 1857, at which time Galt had become an established town with a council and mayor. I did find following the flowery style of writing from the time to be challenging, but worthwhile. I also noticed that the author exclusively focuses on the presence and accomplishments of the men in Galt. There are only a few mentions of women, and that is when it is noted that someone was married, or someone's wife died. So, a helpful read if you want to know more about the origins of place names of the area, or the Scottish influence on Galt. Just be aware that the book was very clearly written in 1880, and carries with it the influences of that era.
Sarah Pump (Staff) (Queen's Square Library)