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Rising out of hatred

Saslow, Eli.
If you want to understand more about the U.S. and the current resurgence of white supremacy this is an eye-opening book. Written by Pulitzer Prize winner Eli Saslow, this book follows the journey of former white nationalist Derek Black. Black, the godson of David Duke, grew up in the center of the white nationalist movement and was already viewed as the natural successor to Duke. When he was outed at his University as a white nationalist, the chaos and blowback caused Derek to re-examine his beliefs. Now, Black not only has left that life behind, but now openly speaks out against it, including writing an op-ed for the New York Times called “Why I Left White Nationalism”. Well-documented interviews and original source material such as emails and forum messages show Derek’s difficult, and eventually, life-changing journey. A must-read in this day and age.
Jessica (Staff) (Queen's Square Library)