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A robot in the garden

Install, Deborah.
A road trip, an adorable robot, and a man finding purpose in his life, what more could you ask for? Ben is at a low point in his life when he finds a robot sitting in his garden. Tang, as the robot calls himself, is a little broken down but Ben soon finds himself helping out the strange creature. The two embark on a road trip to fix Tang and find his original owner. This is a quaint book with a lot of heart. Tang has the joy and mindset of a toddler and his relationship with Ben, his de-facto father, will put a smile on your face. If you’re looking for a feel-good book, this one is perfect. You’ll be wishing for your own robot by the end! (Previously published in The Waterloo Region Record Sept. 24/16)
Jessica (Staff) (Queen's Square Library)