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The seven deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

Turton, Stuart.
What a novel! Every day, Aiden Bishop wakes up in a different person, a key witness or suspect in the unsolved murder of Evelyn Hardcastle. He has eight days, in eight different “hosts” to solve the murder or he’ll lose all his memories and be forced to repeat the whole thing again and again. The only way to escape is to solve the murder. In the hands of a lesser author an intricate plot like this would fall apart, but Stuart Turton keeps everything connected and all the seemingly random moments come together beautifully. Not only the mystery of the murder, but the mystery of why Aiden Bishop is in this situation will give you something to talk about and make you tell every one you know to read this book. Great for book clubs. I look forward to more from Turton!
Jessica (Staff) (Hespeler Library)