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The silver star

Walls, Jeannette.
What can I say? I love Jeannette Walls' writing. I've had this book for over a year and had been waiting for just the right moment, when I just wanted graceful prose. It's been years since I read anything by her (Glass Castle is at the top of my top 10 list) but it was so refreshing to return to her style. She has this simply lovely way of writing about children, she's a master of 'show don't tell' and I enjoyed this book. It's not The Glass Castle - let's not pretend that. But it is a solid little story with a charming protagonist - and I'm sure it's no accident Bean ends up reading To Kill A Mockingbird in school. I blasted through this book in 3 days.
Jackie (Hespeler Library)

Jeannette Walls, author of the monumental biographical work, The Glass Castle, has written a charming work of fiction that you don't want to miss. The Silver Star, is a story about two sisters, Bean and Liz, who are abandoned by their mother, an amateur guitarist who loves to play the road. When their mother is gone for several weeks without any contact, Bean and Liz must find a way to survive on their own. The sisters head to their mother's hometown, the place she ran away from years before. Once in this little mill town the girls have to deal with an eccentric uncle, an unscrupulous boss, and new relatives popping up at every turn. This is a story of discovering family secrets, ancient scandals, and kindred spirits. Bean and Liz have to dig deep to find what they are made of in this page-turner of a story told with grit and humour.

Jennifer (Staff) (Clemens Mill Library)