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Siren Queen

Vo, Nghi .
“Siren Queen” is a dark fairytale set in old Hollywood, where movie studios are run like fairy courts, the wild hunt roams the studio lot every Friday night, and movie stars literally shine from the heavens. Enter Luli Wei, an ambitious Chinese-American girl who grows up entranced by the magic of the movies. Luli refuses to let the studio pigeonhole by casting her as a maid, so they don’t know what to do with her at first … until she finds her niche playing the monstrous Siren Queen. But the real monsters are the ones working behind the scenes, preying on young actresses and turning on anyone who dares to stand out. Nghi Vo’s latest offering is easily one of the best fantasies of the year, with lush prose, a clever mythology, and a great narrator.
Jessica Sheff (Staff) (Preston Library)